Ritual × MyShell: A New AI Creator Economy

Ritual Team

2 months ago

Ritual and MyShell are excited to announce a partnership that leverages Ritual’s infrastructure to power MyShell’s range of open-source AI models and the applications built on top of them for their 1M+ users and beyond


Ritual is focused on building critical infrastructure that connects the worlds of Crypto and AI. Our first phase, Infernet, allows smart contracts to natively access AI models. Our second phase, Ritual Chain, is the first sovereign execution layer for AI. Ritual allows developers to access a variety of salient properties including provenance, storage, computational integrity, privacy semantics, agents, micropayments, and more. The design space for products at this intersection is nearly infinite, enabling a cambrian explosion of product opportunities at this intersection.

MyShell is a decentralized generative AI creator platform. It’s powered by a suite of open-source models built in-house, like MeloTTS and OpenVoice, allowing for the easy creation of AI personas and avatars. This means a user can use MyShell’s interface to describe how they’d like their AI persona to act, its appearance, and various other parameters to achieve its desired behavior, all without any code. You can use MyShell to create a clone of your favorite character, a celebrity, or even yourself, all while allowing you to interact across a variety of modalities, such as text, voice, and more. MyShell already has 1M+ users and 50K+ creators on their platform today since their launch in 2023 and does hundreds of thousands of inference requests every day. Ritual will be powering this infrastructure and the distribution of their models.

MyShell AI persona

An example of a MyShell AI persona that will be powered by Ritual.

Powering MyShell and Open-Source Development

On MyShell’s platform, users can compose open-source models to create agents and applications. MyShell has already created a set of impressive open-source models, available on their GitHub. These models will be hosted on Ritual’s infrastructure and offer a few benefits to MyShell’s users:

  1. The expressivity of Ritual’s nodes allows MyShell to either codify the generated inferences as on-chain transactions or signed off-chain transactions that can be attested to via a DA layer. This can act as a source of provenance for settling payments, incentives and other actions as it relates to applications on MyShell’s platform.
  2. Both Ritual and MyShell share the goal of promoting open-source development. Thanks to the open access inference layer provided by Ritual’s infrastructure, users of MyShell can not only use MyShell’s existing models, but also compose them with other models on the Ritual network to create more expressive apps and agents.
  3. As Ritual scales out its partnerships with compute providers like io.net, MyShell will open up its platform and allow users to participate in their ecosystem by also running Ritual nodes to power the underlying models on the platform to guarantee liveness and decentralization for the MyShell application.

MyShell’s integration of Ritual will be an example for how to harness infrastructure to power applications that end users and model creators want, while bringing new features and functionalities that aren’t traditionally available in the existing AI stack.


MyShell and Ritual are excited to announce our integration and announce MyShell as one of the first applications powered by Ritual,and eventually on Ritual Chain itself. This partnership illustrates the unique properties afforded by the intersection of crypto and AI and paves the way for a new class of native applications building in the Ritual ecosystem.

For future updates, follow Ritual and MyShell on Twitter. We’d love to hear ideas from the community on further ways to creatively leverage Ritual’s infrastructure and MyShell’s platform – if that’s you, reach out!


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